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We have been actively providing our IT & Consulting services for over two decades and have served a diverse range of clients across various sectors. Offering easy-to-use and robust IT solutions that help people save time and streamline their operations, has been our motto.

Over the years, we have likely gained extensive expertise and experience, which allowed us to continually improve and adapt our services to meet the evolving needs of our clients and the industry. By catering to business organizations, governments, banks, stock exchanges, healthcare units, telecom operators, spiritual leaders, meditation organizations, and more, we've showcased our versatility and ability to work across different domains.

In the fast-paced world of technology, staying up-to-date with the latest advancements and trends is crucial. Our long-standing presence in the industry has helped us to manage to stay relevant and maintain a strong reputation among our clients.

The key to success lies in understanding and addressing the pain points of our clients, providing exceptional customer service, and remaining agile to adapt to the changing IT landscape.

Healthcare IT

In our Healthcare IT venture, we have catered to 600+ hospitals, diagnostic centers, IVF clinics, blood banks and eye hospitals in almost all the states of India, numerous countries in Africa and GCC.

Digital Marketing

We were one of the First companies in India to professionally undertake Digital Marketing in 2008, and have catered to major global giants.

Global Exposure

We also have experience and exposure to clients based out of USA, Europe, Australia, Africa, GCC and ASEAN countries.

Quality Assurance

The Founder is an Engineer with Post graduation in Management and is a BSI India Certified Lead Auditor - ISO 27001, and a Six Sigma Black Belt Certified Consultant.


Regional Stock Exchange Software

The year 1999 indeed brought significant challenges to many organizations due to the Y2K problem. Y2K, also known as the "Millennium Bug," was a computer bug related to the way dates were represented in software.

The Regional Stock Exchange was facing a critical problem as its software was not Y2K compliant. The Stock Exchange needed to ensure that its systems were ready for the year 2000 to continue its operations and maintain its registration with SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India).

We were tasked with developing a new software system that could handle dates correctly and avoid the Y2K issues. This was a significant undertaking, as it required careful examination and modification of the existing software's code to ensure that date-related functions, calculations, and comparisons were correctly adjusted to accommodate four-digit years.


Launched World's First Java-based Multi-lingual Chat & Mail Portal

We played a crucial role in addressing a significant challenge in the mobile ecosystem during the emergence of Multimedia Messaging (MMS) and Enhanced Messaging (EMS) technologies. The quick pace of development and deployment of these technologies created a need for effective testing environments to ensure the applications worked seamlessly.

The lack of a suitable testing environment on Local Area Networks (LAN) was hindering the developers and service providers from adequately testing their MMS and EMS applications. In response to this problem statement, we took the initiative and developed the World's First MMS-EMS Testing Suite. This suite provided a comprehensive testing solution that allowed developers and service providers to thoroughly test their applications before deploying them in the live mobile network.

The success and popularity of MMS-EMS Testing Suite attracted the attention of prominent players in the telecom industry and beyond. Licensing the product to telecom majors like IBM, Telecomsys, Teligent, Starent, Alcatel-Lucent, and even the US Air Force highlights the widespread recognition and demand for our solution.

By enabling various organizations, including a prestigious entity like the US Air Force, to leverage our testing suite, we likely made a substantial impact on the development and deployment of MMS and EMS technologies.


Implemented e-Governance in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh, India

Implementation of the Government to Citizens (G2C) E-Governance project in the entire state of Madhya Pradesh, India, was a significant achievement with a positive impact on the lives of citizens, especially in remote villages.

Before the implementation of our solution, citizens in remote areas faced challenges in obtaining essential documents such as Birth/Death Certificates, Domicile Certificates, and paying utilities bills. These processes often required them to travel to Tehsil or District Headquarters, which was time-consuming and costly, particularly for those living in remote regions.

Our innovative solution bridged this gap by introducing a user-friendly and efficient e-governance platform. By paying a nominal fee, citizens in remote areas of Madhya Pradesh gained access to a digital platform that allowed them to fulfill their requirements without having to physically visit distant government offices. This greatly simplified and streamlined the process for obtaining vital documents and making utility bill payments.

The benefits of our G2C E-Governance project were multi-fold - Accessibility, Time & Cost Savings, Transparency, Empowerment, reduction of Bureaucratic load and Scalability.

The E-Governance projects played a crucial role in transforming public service delivery, improving citizen engagement, and promoting digital inclusion.


Launched the World's First MMS-EMS Testing suite & licensed to numerous Telecom Majors across the Globe

Development of the world's first Java-based Mail and Chat Portal in multiple Indian and International languages was a significant technological breakthrough that addressed a crucial problem during that time.

Before the availability of UNICODE in most computer operating systems, electronic communication through chat and mail was limited primarily to languages supported by the system's character encoding. This limitation posed a significant barrier to effective communication, especially for people who preferred to communicate in their native languages.

Our solution played a pivotal role in breaking down this barrier by enabling communication in 12 Indian languages and 3 International languages. By utilizing Java-based technology, our Mail and Chat Portal allowed users to compose, send, and receive messages in their preferred language, regardless of whether it was widely supported by the underlying operating system.

The solution helped in overcoming Language Inclusivity, contributed to Cultural Preservation, Personal and Emotional Connectivity, Enhanced User Experience, Improved Digital Penetration


One of the first companies in India to pursue Social Media Marketing professionally

We capitalized on the growing popularity of social media platforms for businesses in a developing country like India. Leveraging the power of social media for marketing campaigns was indeed be a game-changer, especially during the exponential growth phase of these platforms.

Social media provides businesses with an opportunity to reach a vast audience, engage with potential customers, and build brand awareness. Additionally, it allows for targeted advertising, which can be highly effective in reaching specific demographics and interests.

Designing and implementing social media campaigns for large Tech-MNCs, popular restaurants, spiritual leaders, and other businesses was a smart move, as each of these entities benefitted from a well-crafted social media strategy. Tech companies showcased their products and innovations, restaurants enticed food lovers with mouthwatering visuals and promotions, spiritual leaders shared their teachings and connect with followers, and other businesses boosted their visibility and attract new customers.

Success in social media campaigns often depends on understanding the target audience, creating engaging content, utilizing appropriate platforms, and tracking and analyzing the campaign's performance. By effectively combining these elements, businesses can achieve significant results and increase their online presence - so we keep ourselves updated on these developments.

Since 2008 Till Date

One of the most exhaustive range of Software for Healthcare Vertical, licensed software to 600+ Hospitals & other Healthcare Units (HCUs)

Healthcare IT plays a crucial role in streamlining operations, enhancing patient care, and improving overall efficiency in hospitals and medical centers. By offering software solutions for super-specialty and multi-specialty hospitals, diagnostic centers, IVF centers, pathology labs, and blood banks, we are catering to a broad spectrum of healthcare providers, each with their unique requirements.

Providing a wide range of healthcare IT software for hospitals and serving more than 600 hospitals in India, several African countries, and GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) countries showcases the robustness, effectiveness and reliability of our software solutions in meeting the diverse needs of healthcare facilities across different regions.

Some of the key benefits our healthcare IT solutions might be providing to these institutions include: Efficient Patient Management, Streamlined Billing and Finance, Enhanced Laboratory and Diagnostic Workflow, Inventory and Resource Management, Data Security and Compliance and Interoperability

Overall, our extensive reach and the solutions we offer plays a crucial role in supporting healthcare providers in their mission to deliver high-quality patient care efficiently and effectively

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